Since the 2018 vintage, we classify our wines according to the origin of their grapes. The three-tier model of estate, village and site wines, which was also anchored in the german wine law in 2021, is based on the pyramid of origin known from the Romance region.

In contrast to the previous classification into predicate levels such as Kabinett, Spätlese or Auslese, which is based on the must weight, i.e. the sugar content of the grapes, we distinguish according to how clearly the wine reflects the characteristics of its sites.

In addition, we have defined further characteristics for ourselves, according to which we also differentiate between the various quality levels in the vineyard and in the cellar, in order to enable clear orientation in our Portoflio.



Estate Wine

The basis is formed by estate bottlings, for which we vinify grapes from our various vineyard sites together.

Here you will find easy-to-drink wines, e.g. for a relaxed start into the weekend. In addition to clear varietal wines with a high drinking flow, we show creative cuvées in harmonious compositions. Fruit and freshness are in the foreground.

Machine harvesting with preselection
Aged in stainless steel
min. 6/12 months ripening (w/r)
10-12 %vol Alcohol
dry, semi-dry or sweet
with Screw-Cap

Village Wine

Village wines are grown within the respective village boundaries and accentuate the typical aromas of the Siefersheim or Gumbsheim terroir.

The vilage wine segment stands for expressive, dry wines with elegance and finesse. Exciting, single-varietal wines that invite discovery and, due to their delicate aroma components, are ideal accompaniments to fine dishes.

Preselection or hand-picking
Aged in stainless steel or oak barrel
min. 9/15 months ripening (w/r)
12-13%vol Alcohol
dry or semi-dry
Ren Cru bottle with glass closure or natural cork

Single-Vineyard Wine

Single-vineyard wines show the characteristics of the soils and the microclimate of our best single vineyards. We work out their individual profile with sensitivity throughout the entire development process, from pruning to bottle ripening.

This results in finely balanced wines, rich in aromatics, complexity and density for special moments of pleasure.

Green harvest and hand picking
Aged in stainless steel or Barrique
approx. 12/24 months ripening (w/r)
12-14%vol Alcohol
Ren Cru bottle with glass closure or natural cork