Our wine garden, a small oasis in the green, opens in good weather on weekends for all wine lovers.
We serve small snacks, refreshments and of course wine, which fits our garden like a bee to a flower.

Update: As of 6/2/2021, due to the stable incidence value below 50 in our county, both the pre-registration and testing requirements are no longer applicable. Contact registration, distance rules and masking requirement up to your place are of course still to be followed. You may visit with up to 5 people regardless of the number of households. Children up to 14, vaccinated and recovered persons do not count as another person under the regulations on contact restrictions.

Dates Summer 2021:

Sunday September 12thOpen
Sunday September 19thOpen
Sunday September 26thOpen – additional catering at the hiking route “Bänkelsches Route”
From 3rd of October onCLOSED – We’re harvesting but looking forward to 2022!