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When we first tasted our Gewürztraminer, we suddenly found ourselves on a tropical island due to the unusually exotic aromas. An effect that we definitely want to share with you. In addition to the Gewürztraminer, we created two cuvées to “travel in your head”, which could hardly be more different, and launched the special edition “Travel-by-Taste”. The two cuvées and the Gewürztraminer bear the names of various travel destinations and are not only new on the wine list, but also stand out visually:
We were allowed to illustrate our rather plain décor for these special wines with matching photos by Thai photographer Tar Tawatchai. The atmospheric pictures make it easier to imagine the respective locations and thus also the style of the wines.

Great on their own, even more interesting together! Discover three different wine styles, moods and places in your glasses. What is your dream destination?

Detailled description of all wines after the video presentations.

The package contains 3 bottles à 0.75L:

1 x Summer-Cuvée “Madeira”
A few green Silvaner notes, some freshness from the Riesling, a touch of herbaceous body from the Rivaner and lots of floral bouquet from the Scheurebe. This cuvée fits into the garden like a bee to a flower, like a trip to Madeira.
Alcohol: 12.5%vol – Acidity: 6.3g/l – Sugar: 5.7g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

1 x Gewürztraminer “Ko Tao”:
This Gewürztraminer takes us on a slightly exuberant trip to tropical climes. From the weekly market with exotic spices along the water, past palm trees, fruit stands and colourful hustle and bustle.
A Thai curry or fresh fish goes very well with the wine, but particularly curious noses are of course also welcome to taste it solo. Those who still need inspiration will find it when turning the bottle in the form of the colourful illustration.
A potpourri of exotic aromas that you will want to smell again and again.
Alcohol: 13%vol – Acidity: 5.3g/l – Sugar: 7g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

1 x Pinot-Cuvee „Lake Louise“:
Our Pinot Blanc / Pinot Gris Cuvée “Lake Louise” evokes memories of a mountain lake in the light mist of twilight: not too excited, rather elegant and smooth like our Pinot Blanc. Restrained, perhaps even a little cool, a hint of fruit. The full bouquet of the Pinot Gris comes after a little time in the glass, a good portion of melting in the finish. Still waters are often deep.
Best enjoyed on a Sunday evening with relaxing music, preferably by the fireplace.
Alcohol: 13.5%vol – Acidity: 6.3g/l – Sugar: 2.7g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

Wine Facts

Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
contains sulfites