A year as a Winemaker


Make your own wine! In this course you’ll learn how it works and be there for all the important steps.



If you’ve always wanted to know what steps go into making a bottle of wine, what makes a good vintage, how to influence the taste and quality of a wine, and what adjustments winemakers make, then Paul is the right man for you.

He is up to date in viticulture and winemaking, in constant exchange with other experts and has enough experience to put the gray theory into practice. Paul likes to explain and inspires with his relaxed and motivated manner. He will take you through the 2021 wine year on six dates in Siefersheim and you will be able to help out from pruning to harvesting.

The result of your work, a 12-pack of wine with your own label, can then be shared proudly with your friends along with your newly acquired wine knowledge – or kept like a treasure.

Those who participate can probably look forward to the following events in Siefersheim:
– Pruning in January or February
– Bending of the canes in March
– Tacking in May or June
– Pre-Selection in August
– Grape harvest in September
– Tasting of the young wine and explanation of the aging process in December

The appointments last about 4 hours, take place on weekends and are accompanied by snacks and expert instructions. Of course, all new vintners have to follow the rhythm of nature. Therefore, we set the exact dates only with about three weeks notice.

Anyone can participate who has weatherproof clothing, is not physically impaired and is not afraid to get their hands a little dirty.

Excellent also as a gift for wine enthusiasts or city dwellers in need of some country air. In this case, please name the recipient during or after registration.

Wine Facts

Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
contains sulfites