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Colourful Tasting Package of 6

Wine Package 

Varied tasting package

Varied tasting package


contains 4.5l, 9,78€ / litre
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Fine fruity instead of bulky, round and juicy, the white wines come along.
In this 6-tasting package you will find our most colorful creations: Strong red “Teamwork R”, delicate Portugieser Rosé, “Air & Love” Secco and, of course, our three Cuvées with the artwork of Pau Quintana Jornet.

6 bottles with 0,75L each for only 44€.

1 x “Teamwork R” Regent Ortswein
“On the nose: plum, blackberry and elderberry, also black pepper and almost a chilli-like component. On the palate, the wine flows very round, filled with fine-grained, dense, ripe tannin…” – falstaff. 92 points in the falstaff PiWi Trophy, 93 points at the PiWi Wine Award International.
Alcohol: 13%vol – Acid: 5g/l – Sugar: 0.3g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

1 x Portugieser Rosé 2021
A very successful composition overall, which with its lightness (also in alcohol) fits perfectly with light dishes, appetizers or salads, but also does not hide behind goat cheese wrapped in bacon.
Alcohol: 10.5%vol – Acid: 7.5g/l – Sugar: 12.7g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

1 x Secco “Luft & Liebe”
Sparkling companion at the welcome, light introduction to a successful evening or deck chair drink. A little air and a lot of love. Lightness. Everything easy.
Alcohol: 10%vol – Acid: 6.5g/l – Sugar: 4.8g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

1 x Sommercuvée 2022
On the nose, notes of dandelion and buttercups from Scheurebe and Rivaner, some maritime minerality from Riesling, lots of green and yellow fruits. In the mouth a fresh mix of different fruits, with lots of Rivaner and Riesling typical notes in the quite long finish. Real teamwork.
Alcohol: 12.5%vol – Acidity: 5.6g/l – Sugar: 5.5g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

1 x Frühlingscuvée 2022
Gewürztraminer adds flowery notes, supported by the Rivaner. The deep and strong body comes out of our Silvaner and a good dash of freshness is added by our Riesling. Real Teamwork, resulting in a flowery, fresh and exciting wine that reminds of an early spring day.
Alcohol: 11,5%vol – Acidity: 5.4g/l – Sugar: 5.8g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

1 x Burgundercuvee 2022
For the 2021 Cuvée, after extensive tasting, we decided on a combination of fruity Chardonnay and our very young Pinot Blanc. The melt and crazy, slightly herbal aroma density from our powerhouse young Pinot Blanc simply complemented the fruit basket of the slightly residually sweet Chardonnay from good old Schlosshölle perfectly.
Alcohol: 12,5%vol – Acidity: 5.5g/l – Sugar: 8.6g/l – vegan – contains sulfites

Wine Profile

dry sweet
mild pronounced acidity
rough fruity
little alcohol strong

Wine Facts

Classification: Wine Package
Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
contains sulfites