Estate Wine 
White Wine • Dry
flowery & colorful

flowery & colorful


contains 0.75l, 9,60€ / litre



You can smell the fresh green, the daisies are already sprouting, the first violets appear.
This is roughly how you can describe the first nose of a well-chilled glass of our spring cuvée.

As the temperature rises, more and more fruity and summery scents of pineapple, ginger, rose and josta berries emerge, fully developed and well swirled even light sourdough notes that hint at the wine’s subtle creaminess. This enters into a symbiosis with the orangey notes in the mouth and remains on the tongue for a long time with a pleasant acidity.
Gewürztraminer adds flowery notes, supported by the Rivaner. The deep and strong body comes out of our Silvaner and a good dash of freshness is added by our Riesling.
Real Teamwork, resulting in a flowery, fresh and exciting wine that reminds of an early spring day.

Very multi-faceted and colorful, like its label by @theartofpau with cooler tones overlaid with warm violets and orange in the center. Springtime, after all.

Wine Profile

dry sweet
mild pronounced acidity
rough fruity
little alcohol strong

Serving Temperature: 6-10°C
Serve with: fresh salad, pasta, seafood, sushi, white meat

Wine Facts

Alcohol: 11%vol
Acid: 6.2g/l
Sugar: 5.9g/l

Alcohol: 11.5%vol
Acid: 5.4g/l
Sugar: 5.8g/l

Type: White Wine
Classification: Estate Wine
Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
Closure: Screw Cap
Sweetness: Dry
contains sulfites