Village Wine 
White Wine • Dry
Solid, full-bodied and long

Solid, full-bodied and long


contains 0.75l, 14,00€ / litre

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Jahrgang 2020

Jahrgang 2020

Jahrgang 2021

Jahrgang 2021

Jahrgang 2021

A classic and yet not omnipresent: Silvaner from Siefersheim. Our old vines of the Siefersheimer Martinsberg produce wines with great fullness and length. Very round and quite unobtrusive, perfect for dignified evenings on the sofa or with vegetarian dishes – even when the plate is already empty. Behind the varietal aromas, pear, yellow apple, but also herbal notes and slightly almondy pome and stone fruit scents with delicate floral hints emerge. Then in the mouth straightforward fruit with black berry flavours, lively, almost a little lemony acidity and quite good persistence. Compact, fine astringency, a hint of mint, salty and chalky tones in the very good finish.

Pear, yellow apple but also herbaceous notes and slightly almondy pome and stone fruit aromas with delicate floral hints emerge behind the typical varietal aromas. Straightforward fruit on the palate with black berry aromas, lively, almost slightly lemony acidity and quite good persistence. Compact, fine tartness, a hint of mint, salty and chalky tones on a very good finish.

Red apple peel, a little almond, jasmine, candied fruit on the nose, slightly melting. So much for the similarities between the 2021 Silvaner Ortswein and its award-winning 2020 counterpart.
In the new version, we can promise you that the wine from Siefersheimer Martinsberg has clearly gained in complexity and aromatic diversity. Candied fruit, slightly ethereal tones and a hint of nut rise to the nose and, together with the almonds and fruit, tickle the cerebral cortex in such a way that you immediately want to take a sip. Whether you give in to the impulse or not, the second wave of aromas inevitably comes, either with the next nose or after the first sip. Mineral notes, quince, herbs, some yeast, ripe pear.
Long, smooth, umami, nutty, slightly salty in the mouth. Despite the full mouthfeel, the Silvaner remains a wine for glass-swingers and nose bears because of its incredible nose.

Why should it get worse? Perhaps a little too young, but please, you don’t have to drink it straight away.

Sommelier’s tip:
To accompany the whole thing, we recommend aromatically versatile dishes such as tapas or sushi. But tarte flambée almost always works too.

Wine Profile

dry sweet
mild pronounced acidity
rough fruity
little alcohol strong

Serving Temperature: 12-14°C

Wine Facts

Alcohol: 12.5%vol
Acid: 7g/l
Sugar: 1.4g/l

Alcohol: 12%vol
Acid: 6.9g/l
Sugar: 1.9g/l

Alcohol: 12.5%vol
Acid: 5.6g/l
Sugar: 4.5g/l

Type: White Wine
Classification: Village Wine
Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
Vineyard: Martinsberg
Closure: Glass closure
Sweetness: Dry
contains sulfites