Vintage Trios in Wood

Gift Set 
White Wine • Dry
Vertical Tasting Box

Vertical Tasting Box


contains 2.25l, 19,07€ / litre

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Experience the fascination of Riesling, enjoy the elegance and finesse of Pinot Blanc or discover the character and diversity of Silvaner in a special vertical wine tasting. By comparing three vintages, you can understand the different climatic conditions and the maturation of the wines and taste them in direct comparison. This way, differences and similarities can be discovered and the different characteristics and development of the wines can be experienced in their different nuances of maturity.

The wines are packaged in an elegant wooden box that protects and presents them. Ideal as a gift as well! The vertical vintage trios are a special experience for true Riesling, Pinot Blanc or Silvaner fans.

Riesling Package:
2020 – Alcohol: 12%vol, Acid: 7.9g/l, Sugar: 5g/l
2021 – Alcohol: 12.5%vol, Acid: 7.2g/l, Sugar: 5.8g/l
2022 – Alcohol: 12%vol, Acid: 7.1g/l, Sugar: 7.3g/l

Pinot Blanc Package:
2020: Alcohol: 12.5%vol, Acid: 6.4g/l, Sugar: 6.8g/l
2021: Alcohol: 12.5%vol, Acid: 7.4g/l, Sugar: 1.5g/l
2022: Alcohol: 12.5%vol, Acid: 5.2g/l, Sugar: 5.1g/l

Silvaner Package
2020: Alcohol: 12.5%vol, Acid: 7g/l, Sugar: 1.4g/l
2021: Alcohol: 12%vol, Acid: 6.9g/l, Sugar: 1.9g/l
2022: Alcohol: 12.5%vol, Acid: 5.6g/l, Sugar: 4.5g/l

Wine Facts

Type: White Wine
Classification: Gift Set
Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
Sweetness: Dry
contains sulfites