Join us for a hike in between grapes and culture on the 22nd of September 2024 from 10am to 6pm.

The path of 8km offers a new sight onto Siefersheim’s Wine-, Culture- and heath landscape with every bend. You will pass 15 benches (in German: Bank) that invite for a short rest and give the tour it’s name: “Bänkelsches Route”. For those interested in historic facts, flora & fauna or geology, there are some interesting facts scattered along the way.

At eight particularly nice viewpoints, the vintners of Siefersheim invite you to enjoy local specialties and local wine. Don’t miss the chance to taste fresh, ripe grapes from the vine along with the bottled result from the last vintage.

At the village center, where the route begins and ends, you may pick up a glass as an entry ticket to a fun day. At the end, you can also get your favorite wine there to take it home with you.

We’re looking forward to enjoy that day with you!