We’re getting braver – and we’re being rewarded for it. This year we sent a whole handful of wines to the professional tasters at AWC Vienna for evaluation. The wines were still very fresh when we registered, but we were too curious about the verdict on our latest vintage. So of course we couldn’t let this year’s tasting pass without our new favorites.

We were all the more surprised by the promising verdict of the internationally renowned jury: three silver medals!
By the way, we can only agree with the selection of the tasters: Two Rieslings (local and site wine) and our Pinot Blanc, all with the typical Heerkretz characteristics. This speaks for farsightedness in the assessment of the ripening potential and for a pronounced appreciation of our work in this special site.

We are extremely excited to judge the slightly more mature wines in 2022 and are very much looking forward to the next round!

At the AWC “International Wine Challenge” 2021, 12,525 wines from 1,641 producers from 44 countries were judged. A silver medal is awarded for wines with 87 points or more.