At the end of the year, we are allowed to accompany two online wine tastings of the DWI with our wines:

On November 13 you will find our 2019 Riesling in the “Lagebesprechung” with Thomas Curtius and on December 2 you can become a Rheinhessen wine discoverer with our package.


Here come exciting single-vineyard Rieslings from the Palatinate, the Moselle, Rheinhessen and the Rheingau. Altitude, slope, compass direction, soil structures, flora and fauna – where the grapes for a wine grow has a big impact on what arrives in your glass later. And the smaller the site, the more distinctive the wine.

Wine-Discovery package Rheinhessen

Become a wine discoverer! On December 2 at 7 p.m., the German Wine Institute will hold an online seminar on the Rheinhessen region. Three Rieslings from the estate, local and site wine segment will be tasted. With our wines from the same team and the same year, you can taste an unadulterated impression of the quality levels and look forward to good entertainment – for only 39€ including shipping.