Paul Krahl Sauvignon Blanc (Barrique)

White Wine • Dry
Clear & Creamy

The Paul Krahl Sauvignon-Blanc, aged in barrique and naturally fermented, has a light gold color and green reflections. In the nose one has the scent of melted butter, toffee & vanilla. On the palate the picture continues and is completed by some pepper and floral notes. One thinks of créme brulée, as the texture of the wine is creamy and soft. As playful as the stainless steel version is, the barrique version shows a clear line. The palette of aromas continues to expand during drinking, so that this version also appears complex, but not so complicated.
Despite the barrique ageing, this version still has a freshness, so that this wine also fits well into the summer.
Recommended food: pork loin in a bacon coat, potato gratin, hand cheese tartar, strong, creamy hard cheese (e.g. Appenzeller).


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The vineyard in which the 20 year old Sauvignon-Blanc vines are planted is characterized by loamy loess soils. This very fertile type of soil provides an excellent nutrient supply for the vines and thus gives the wine an exceptional character.
The vineyards have been organically cultivated.

The foliage was stripped by hand during the flowering period, which allows a targeted yield regulation and thus increases the quality of the grapes. Furthermore, all grapes were carefully checked for their state of health after the strong heat wave in 2019. Sunburn and otherwise damaged berries were cut out so that only healthy grapes continued to ripen on the vine.
In autumn 100% healthy grapes were harvested by hand.

The grapes were destemmed, covered with dry ice and left to macerate for 96 hours at 1°C to give the grapes a more distinctive character. After maceration, the mash was gently pressed and then treated separately for the respective style of aging.

The Barrique Sauvignon-Blanc (Burgundy bottle) was oxidatively aged and spontaneously fermented. In addition, a biodegradation process was applied to reduce the acidity of the wine and create a creamier structure. This was additionally supported by a weekly bâttonage. This Sauvignon Blanc is less playful, more straightforward and complex, but not complicated.

Recommended food: pork loin in a bacon coat, potato gratin, hand cheese tartar, strong, creamy hard cheese (e.g. Appenzeller).

Wine Profile

dry sweet
mild pronounced acidity
rough fruity
little alcohol strong

Serving Temperature: 12-14°C

Wine Facts

Type: White Wine
Quality level: Qualitätswein
Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 13%vol
Acid: 5.8g/l
Sugar: 1.4g/l
contains sulfites