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Become a wine discoverer! Since March, the German Wine Institute has been offering an online seminar every first Thursday of the month in the evening at 7 pm. The topic of the 13 seminars are the 13 German wine regions. On December 2nd, it was Rheinhessen’s turn. Three Rieslings were tasted, each from the estate, local and single-vineyard segments. Watch the recording here:

Riesling is fascinating. Like no other grape variety, its fine aroma so precisely reflects the terroir and the signature of its winemakers. With this tasting package, we show you how the special grape variety characteristics and the elegant porphyry minerality of the rare volcanic weathered rock in the Siefersheimer Heerkretz can be brought out through manual work and intuition. In the spirit of fair competition between quality levels, experience Rieslings from the same team and from the same year. Estate, local or site wine – a difference you can taste.
You can expect the easy-to-drink, sparkling estate wine, dry, with beautifully integrated Riesling acidity, fruit and drinking flow, typical of Rheinhessen. The elegant local wine, grown on soils of volcanic origin, typical Siefersheim. And then, even more richness, a broad base, great length and porphyry notes in the site wine, typical Heerkretz.

2020 Riesling dry, estate wine
Characteristic Riesling with a clear origin profile. Full fruit and strong Riesling acidity, vinified very dry. Refreshing and tangy.
Alc.: 12.5%vol., Acidity: 8.3g/l, Sugar: <0.5g/l

2020 Riesling dry, local wine Siefersheim
A very fine and slender Riesling with pronounced minerality from soils of volcanic origin.
Even at a young age with little bottle ripeness, the nose is dominated by yellow fruits such as quince and vineyard peach, while in the mouth, citrus and apple notes dominate due to the still angular acidity and slight tingle. With bottle ripeness or air in the glass, the exciting aromatics of more exotic fruits and tart, herbal notes in the finish unfold in the mouth, always underpinned by concise but subtle minerality.
A Riesling that definitely demands something – but also richly rewards.
Alc.: 12%vol., Acidity: 7.9g/l, Sugar: 5g/l

2020 Riesling single-vineyard wine Siefersheimer Heerkretz
Our flagship, the Riesling from the Siefersheimer Heerkretz was hand-selected and particularly gently processed in the 2020 vintage. The result is a wine with more fullness, a broad base, great length. The distinct Riesling acidity is beautifully integrated into the juicy fruit. A very distinctive and fascinating wine. Porphyry minerality in reductive stainless steel aging.
Alc.: 12.5%vol., Acidity: 8.7g/l, Sugar: 4.6g/l

Wine Facts

Origin: Germany, Rheinhessen
contains sulfites